SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – This week’s mild weather is helping many of us get outside. That includes people using the bike trail in Sioux Falls. And soon the trail will be even longer.

Cary Reeves is taking advantage of today’s warmer temperatures and spending time out near Family Park.

“A few times a week we will bring the dog out and let him run,” Sioux Falls resident, Cary Reeves said.

But in a few weeks, Reeves will have even more to look forward to on this side of town, as a new section of the bike trail opens up.

Just over a mile is being added to the trail system as part of the Cherry Creek Trail Corridor.

“It’s basically going from Legacy Park and connecting up to Family Park and then we are also making a neighborhood connection at Songbird Street, connecting that whole neighborhood up to our main trail loop and into this new trail spur,” park development specialist, Tory Miedema said.

Work was started back in June and was supposed to be completed around October. While all the trail is paved, there’s been a delay in getting two bridges in.

“The bridge manufacturer let us know that they are having delays in their materials supply, with the bridge and the steel decking, so that kicked us back a little bit,” Miedema said.

Miedema expects the bridgework to be completed within the next two weeks. Once that is done people will be able to use the bike trail.

“It will take them a couple days to set each one and hope to have them open by the end of January,” Miedema said.

“We’re really excited, we live over by Legacy Park and come over here often in the car and as soon as the bridge gets put in, we’ll be coming over and walking and riding bike,” Reeves said.

Miedema says there are over one million people who use the bike trail system each year. He says the Cherry Creek Trail Corridor will eventually go all the way north and hook up at 60th Street North.