SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Joe Boever’s family says the newly-released documents of the deadly crash involving South Dakota’s Attorney General only re-affirms their belief that Jason Ravnsborg is unfit for office.

On Wednesday, the House Select Committee on Investigation posted hundreds of documents and files on Ravnsborg’s role in the crash.

Nick Nemec says he’s only had time, so far, to read a fraction of the documents released about the crash that killed his cousin, Joe Boever.

“I hope to get through them all, I don’t know if I’ll be able to,” Nemec said.

Nemec doesn’t expect to learn much new information from the documents because he’s been following the investigation since the beginning. But he says it was a revelation to find out how far from the road Boever was walking at the time of the crash.

“It wasn’t like he was walking in the middle of the shoulder, it was like he was practically in the ditch and the attorney was that far off the road when he hit him,” Nemec said.

Nemec isn’t sure if the documents will sway South Dakota lawmakers into voting to impeach Ravnsborg, but he hopes the files will influence public opinion.

“I think these documents if the public takes the time to look at them, they will become more convinced that the attorney general deserves to be impeached,” Nemec said.

DISPATCHER: “The driver’s saying he’s not sure what he hit, but it smashed his windshield and it did some pretty good damage to his vehicle.”

Nemec says the investigation into Ravnsborg’s involvement in the crash has been thorough. And he says reading about the factors surrounding his cousin’s death won’t churn up unpleasant emotions and memories of that tragic night.

“I saw Joe Boever’s smashed skull. Reading about it, I don’t think is going to cause any more distress than I’ve already suffered,” Nemec said.

Nemec thinks the documents should have been posted much earlier in the process in order to give state lawmakers easier access to the reports.