SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Whittier neighborhood hosted their second ever night market. Tanette Esquibel never thought her Indian Tacos would sell so quickly.

“I think it’s great. I didn’t think we’d have that many that quick it was really fast and it was a lot of people and it was awesome,” said Esquibel, a first-night market seller.

The market gives her a chance to share her culture with the community.

“We are all native and it is a part of our culture and we love to eat them so we decided to make Indian tacos because a lot of our friends and family have been asking for them,” said Esquibel.

Deb Dezee, also a first-time night market seller, came to share her art.

“I have cards, I have journals, I have sweet wraps that come with Hershey’s candy and then a lot of these I have for also Thanksgiving and Christmas,” said Dezee.

Her favorite part is meeting new neighbors.

“Get out into the community and show my fun things and I love meeting and talking,” said Dezee.

Jordan Deffenbaugh brought the market to life for the first time last month.

“So it’s like these different levels of folks of entrepreneurs. And I think that when we do events like this, we begin to explore who we really are as a community,” said Jordan Deffenbaugh, community liaison for the Community Revitalization Collective.

He says the sky’s the limit for future events like this.

“Especially next year, how can we have this on cycle? How did this become a ritual for the neighbor as maybe even a weekly event coming out, talking to folks grabbing a taco, grabbing a lemonade and just getting to know people,” said Deffenbaugh.

Deffenbaugh says bringing people together to share a meal and have conversation is what makes nights like these so special.

Next week the Community Revitalization Collective will host the second annual harvest festival.