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Neighbors Share What They Want To See Happen With Badlands Motor Speedway

With a hearing scheduled for July 23, KELOLAND could soon find out what's going to happen with Badlands Motor Speedway in Brandon. 

As we reported last month, Badlands owner Chuck Brennan canceled a public auction. This was after a letter from the county said the track doesn't comply with zoning laws. He's now appealing that decision, and the Speedway's website says that the auction is back on, now scheduled for September 15 at 3:00 p.m. So what do the speedway's neighbors want?  

To the north of the racetrack, Dave Lien wants a name adjustment.

"For first thing, I want to see the name changed back to Huset's. It never should have been changed in the first place because 99 percent of the people know it as Huset's Speedway," Lien said.

Lien wants to see races here. Never mind the noise, which he says he likes just fine.

"I would like to see it get back to racing. That's my personal feeling, and sad part about it is, lot of people complain about noise, well, noise to them is music to me,"  Lien said.

To the south of the racetrack, Randy and Lisa Verdoorn want racing to return here as well.

"I'd like to see the racetrack reopen. I mean, we don't mind the traffic," Randy Verdoorn said.

He's thinking about dollars and cents, too.

"It's great revenue for the county. It's great revenue for Brandon. I mean people stop and buy drinks and food and such is that, and I think it's a good thing," Randy Verdoorn said.

"I think it'd be great for the community again for the racetrack to get going," Lisa Verdoorn said.

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