SPEARFISH, S.D. (KELO) — They aren’t your average visitors to Spearfish, several mountain lions have been spotted in town over the last couple weeks. For some people in the area, the animals were right down the road.

Jennifer Hulm and Rebecca Miller live just a few blocks away from each other here in Spearfish.
Hulm was driving her kids to daycare when she first saw the cat, it wasn’t long after that that Miller took these pictures.

“My morning routine and I looked over to the side and there was a mountain lion and I was like, ‘Oh!’ So I backed up and next door there is a daycare so I kind of figured I should call the authorities, but it was a shocker, I wasn’t expecting it,” Hulm said.

“I had heard that she saw the mountain lion about an hour earlier before I left the house and then I took my usual route out of the neighborhood and thought maybe I would catch a glimpse and it wasn’t but five seconds down the road that I caught a glimpse of it,” Miller said.

Both Hulm and Miller say it’s not unusual to see mountain lions in town but it is sometimes concerning.

“I mean we both have kids so it is a concern,” Hulm said.

They know to stay clear of the animals if they see them and remain on the lookout.

“It’s a simple reminder to stay cautious all the time because we do live in an area that has a lot of wildlife that we don’t always see on a regular basis so it is just a simple reminder to look out for your surroundings,” Miller said.

The Spearfish Police Department says these animals are dangerous and should not be approached. For anyone that sees mountain lions, they should call the Spearfish Police.

The Spearfish Police say they are monitoring the presence of the mountain lions and they are working with South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks to decide what to do if they remain in the area.