SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls neighborhood organization is working to enhance a park in the center of the city with art.

“Artists bring a different kind of perspective because of the way in which they think,” said Katrina Lehr-McKinney, president of All Saints Neighborhood Association.

The All Saints Neighborhood Association has used a grant from the City of Sioux Falls to enhance Lyon Park.

“We came up with ‘well, what about these green picnic tables? Is there any way for us to you know get some art on the green picnic tables?” Lehr-McKinney said.

The association used the grant to commission four artists from the neighboring area to design and paint four of these tables in whichever way the artists pleased.

“Sioux Falls is doing such a great job of adding the arts. I think with Sculpture Walk and mural projects, this is just another element of creating beauty but also ways for people to engage,” artist Michelle St. Vrain said.

The tables will be revealed Tuesday night at a National Night Out block party at Lyon Park. Artist Zach DeBoer will be painting his table alongside attendees.

“I have made a Sioux Falls flag-style bench and folks, everybody coming to the event will be able to help paint it using their handprints and so we will be covering our hands in paint and (shows motion) leaving handprints to form one big Sioux Falls flag,” DeBoer said.

The goal with the tables is to enhance Lyon Park by incorporating members of the neighborhood.

“I just see the value in the way artists think and work and I think that we can all benefit from that as a community,” Lehr-McKinney said.

The tables will be unveiled this Tuesday night from six to eight at Lyon Park.