SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Chelsea Ceasar of Sioux Falls lives in a building by a car wash just south of East Sixth Street and North Cleveland Avenue. Interstate 229 runs north and south nearby in the section of east Sioux Falls that received a lot of attention from law enforcement on Monday.

“I was sitting in my bedroom, we live on the corner apartment building so it’s right here, and I heard gunshots, it’s not unfamiliar around here, unfortunately,” Ceasar said. “I heard about eight to 10, and I was like, ‘Whoa,’ so came outside.”

She says this was at about 1:45 Monday afternoon.

“We saw the situation that was happening and what I saw, I know they had one gentleman on the ground, cuffing him and then one female getting cuffed, in front of a car and being taken away,” Ceasar said.

Asked if she feels safe living in her building, she answers “not necessarily, no.”

Lt. Aaron Nyberg with the Sioux Falls Police Department gave a brief description of events.

“We had a Sioux Falls Police Department officer-involved shooting in the lot behind me,” Nyberg said Monday afternoon. “Currently there’s no serious injuries as a result of the shooting. It’s under investigation.”

It’s unknown who shot whom and in what circumstances. Ceasar, however, knows what her family wants to do.

“Our goal is to be out of here ASAP,” Ceasar said.

A news release from the City of Sioux Falls says that additional information is going to come on Tuesday.