Nebraska farmer back on his farm after cutting leg off

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A Nebraska farmer barely escaped with his life when his leg got caught in an auger.

“Down is easier. I say down is easier than up,” Kurtis Kaser said.   

It’s been only one week since Kaser came home from Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln.

“I got three little steps to crawl up to get into the main kitchen,” Kaser said. 

The 63-year-old Pender farmer had been hospitalized for more than a month after his leg got caught in an auger.

“This thing was running wide open and I know there’s a little hole there that I had cut so we could get this winter onto frozen ground and I stepped in that one little hole and it just sucked my leg in and my foot was up over here and I was sitting on my butt over there trying to pull it back out,” Kaser said. 

Kaser didn’t have his phone on him during the time of the accident, but he had to act fast and remembered that he had a pocket knife.

“And I just started cutting, when I cut some of the clothes and the meat, I can feel pain in my leg when I cut a nerve or something, finally whatever all was there, it let go and let me get out,” Kaser said. 

And the ordeal didn’t stop there. Kaser managed to crawl on his own, approximately 200 feet from the auger back to the house and called 911. He was later taken by helicopter to Lincoln.

“I sat up in the chopper all the way the Lincoln and all the nurses, everybody was sitting, waiting when I got there,” Kaser said. 

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon, back at his Pender home.

Kaser is now adjusting to a new way of life without his entire limb and says he’s making the most out of a bad situation one that could’ve claimed his life.

“I’m sure I’m going to be doing the same thing again. I’m lucky, I mean sure, I hate it. It could’ve been worse, but there are people way worse than me,” Kaser said. 

Kaser’s rehabilitation process should take 6-8 months. He hopes to get a prosthetic leg and get back to farming as soon as possible.

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