SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — They are best known for the television series ‘Nature Adventures,’ but now Terri Lawrenz and Todd Magnuson are combining two other interests, music and movie-making, to present a new feature-length film.

Terri Lawrenz and Todd Magnuson made a living hosting the syndicated program ‘Nature Adventures.’

The two became well-known all over the country.

“It was crazy there’d be a time we’d fly into airports and people would recognize us,” Magnuson said.

But the pandemic ended the show after 11 seasons. So they took a break.

Now they play and sing in the rock band called ‘Blond Viper’

Last year they decided to showcase their original songs in a new movie.

“Last summer we filmed a movie, we filmed it all right here in South Dakota; some in Watertown, some Sioux Falls and right here in Hartford in this church,” Lawrenz said.

The name of the movie, that was written by Magnuson is ‘Sometimes Yesterday’.

“The movie is a full-length feature film about a terminally ill rock musician; he wants to record his songs, but he has no idea how to go about it and he happened to meet a church choir director and she knew nothing about rock music, but she helped him along to get his songs recorded before his time was up,” Magnuson said.

Magnuson plays that terminally ill rock musician, while Lawrenz plays the choir director.

The film took a year to complete and has now won nine international awards, mostly for its music.

Lawrenz and Magnuson aren’t ruling out filming Nature’s Adventures someday again, but for now, they are enjoying making music and films.

You can find their movie on Amazon and Tubi.