SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s the busiest time of the year for farmers and one local museum is working to celebrate all their hard work.

You can celebrate National Farmer’s Day early this year at the Stockyards Ag Experience, thanks to an event by the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce.

National Farmer’s Day at the Barn will be happening Friday and will feature a pumpkin patch and snacks, all geared towards educating the public on where their food comes from.

Today is the perfect time to come visit the Stockyards Ag Experience, as well as get a closer look at the farm to table process.

“I think its really important especially this time of year, as we are more removed from agriculture in the city, I think it’s a really great chance for us to reflect on what farmers have done all year long, all the hard work that they’ve put in, and now harvest is upon us, and that’s kind of that pinnacle time for our ag producers,” said Abby Bischoff, executive director of the Stockyards Ag Experience.

The event will feature pumpkins, as well as dairy products and cookies, all including an educational lesson about how all food starts on the farm.

“We don’t just give you a cookie, we tell you about the ingredients that go into the cookie and where those came from, kind of peeling apart those favorite foods of kids and families to let them know that your cookie starts on the farm before it gets on your plate with milk,” said Bischoff.

“We wouldn’t be eating food every day, we wouldn’t be wearing clothes, we wouldn’t be putting on makeup if it wasn’t for our amazing farmers and producers so this opportunity allows us to connect those consumers to agriculture,” said Holly Rader, Vice President of Member Relations for the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Although the National Farmers Day is officially next week, the museum decided to celebrate early, making the event a perfect way to start your weekend.

“You know it tends to seem like there is a divide between our urban and rural settings and so food can be a time when we can come together and learn about each other and be a stronger community because of it,” said Bischoff.

This come and go event will be taking place today from 3-6 p.m. at the Stockyards Ag experience at Falls Park. It is free and open to the public.