YANKTON, S.D. (KELO) – A national event in welcoming hundreds of people to Yankton. This week people from across the country and even around the world will be in town for a multi-tournament archery event.

Steve Anderson came all the way from Utah this week to Yankton to compete in the 2020 National Field Archery Association National Roundup.

“Today, we are shooting field archery which is basically a variety of distances at different target sizes, usually shot in a wooded setting, so it’s fun because you do have that variety, and it’s challenging,” competing, Steve Anderson said.

The six day event includes both indoor and outdoor tournaments.

“They are all different disciplines of the same sport, it’s like most sports there’s different variations and these people really enjoy it and they enjoy getting together, a lot have been itching all year to do something and they haven’t been able to,” president National Field Archery Association Foundation, Bruce Cull said.

Cull says there are over 800 people registered for the multi-tournament event. They’ve come from about 46 states, and at least two countries.

“You bring people in, those 800 people over the course of a week, and all the meals that they eat, the lodging, camping, the money they spend, it’s a huge thing,” Cull said.

Director of the Yankton Convention and Visitors Bureau, Kasi Haberman, says that is good news for Yankton.

“Those restaurateurs rely on visitors, in Yankton, tourism is the number four industry, and so we have around 1,200 people that work in the industry and rely on those visitors coming to Yankton, so it’s important for us,” director of Yankton Convention and Visitors Bureau, Kasi Haberman said.

For Anderson, he’s just looking forward to competing the rest of the week.

“Yankton has a great facility for it, with the indoor and outdoor facilities so always happy to come here,” Anderson said.

Haberman says they have been doing temperature checks each morning.

The event runs through Sunday.