The snow has stopped falling, but now comes a blizzard of tickets.

Sioux Falls police have been busy writing tickets and getting vehicles towed that were parked illegally during the latest snow alert.

They don’t have an accurate count yet….

“It’s busy,” Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens said.

But police know the number of snowbirds will start piling up now as fast as the snow itself.

“A lot of people, for a number of reasons, continue to park their cars on the streets even though a snow alert has been declared, and it makes it difficult,” Clemens said.

Difficult for plow drivers who are trying to clear the city streets from curb to curb.

“The way the ordinance is written the plows have to come through first,” Clemens said.

And if they have to plow around your vehicle, you might become a snowbird.

“Initially we will go through and ticket the cars that have been plowed in and then we’ll come back and do the follow up and if they are still there then we’ll have them removed,

That’s where these guys come in.

Jim and Ron’s Towing has taken a number of calls to remove vehicles off the streets that were parked illegally during a snow alert.

“What people don’t realize on the emergency snow routes, just because it’s been plowed doesn’t mean you’re okay to park there, they’ll continue to keep plowing those until the snow is all done,” Paul Giese of Jim and Ron’s Towing said.

So the best advice, when a snow alert is issued, move your vehicles off the city streets.

Police know not everyone has off street parking, that’s why when a snow alert is issued, the city plows in stages: north and south streets one day and then east-west streets the next, which gives people ample time to move their vehicles.