MADISON, S.D (KELO) People in Madison are keeping a close eye on their pets tonight… after receiving a surprise visit from a mountain lion. Police say the cougar was heading north through town last night.

The mountain lion was captured walking throughout town here by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office around 11:30 Tuesday night. Many of the residents around this area say it is not uncommon to see a mountain lion but it is uncommon to see one in town.

“It’s always been outside town out in the country. So to have it walking down on our main street is a little alarming,” said Jessica Evans, owner of Cozy Home and Lighting.

Just north of the Sheriff’s Office on Washington Avenue, residents Terry and Carol Andersen also received a visit last night.

“About 11:30, the security light came on, and we can see that shine through the window. We didn’t think nothing of it, you know because we’ve got neighborhood cats that come through all time and they turn on the security light,” said Terry Andersen, resident.

It was in fact a cat that the security cam caught, just a bigger variety. {I want to make a jokey line here}

“It was weird. I couldn’t believe it. And you know, and that was before I knew that there was you know, they were talking about it on the news later. But I had just turned the TV on and found out that there was a mountain lion in the area and we had it,” Andersen said.

Until the lion is caught, or moves to another town, people in Madison will be sure to watch for the feline.