SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally officially begins Friday, but roads in KELOLAND are already buzzing with bikers.

Elk Richardson of North Carolina stopped in Sioux Falls Thursday.

He’s headed to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation for the Wounded Knee Memorial Motorcycle Run.

“We ride in commemoration of those people who died in the Wounded Knee Massacre and of course Sitting Bull and many of the other Lakota friends and brothers,” Richardson said.

He’ll also spend time at the rally.

David Harrison of Florida is traveling in an RV, pulling six motorcycles in a trailer.

“20 years ago, I probably would’ve gone on a motorcycle, but an RV cuts a lot of the cost. I have to pay for fuel, but it’s still going to be cheaper than a cabin, and I can bring a whole lot more stuff,” Harrison said.

A South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper says rally traffic starts picking up Thursday and it goes into the weekend.

“Most of the traffic is going to be on the interstates, but also, a lot of people are coming from everywhere, so a lot of people are going to be using those state highways, those smaller two-lane highways,” SD Highway Patrol trooper Alfredo Renteria said.

Bikers passing through the Sioux Falls area Thursday got some sunshine on their journey, but they could see quite a bit of rain in the coming days in western KELOLAND.

“If we get wet, we get wet,” Harrison said.

For now, it’s all about reaching the destination.

“Love it. Beautiful place, a lot of good people. Have a good time,” Richardson said.

Trooper Renteria says you can also expect busy roads next week starting Thursday or Friday when people start coming home.

He reminds drivers to check their mirrors often and make sure their blind spots are clear before changing lanes.