SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With temperatures above freezing, mixed in with some sunshine, much of KELOLAND is experiencing snow melt. Especially those areas of southeast South Dakota that have seen a lot of snow. With the above-freezing temperatures forecast for much of KELOLAND, we’ve entered a melting period. So we asked Meteorologist Scot Mundt if this is a good thing.

“How much of this actually goes into the ground? It’s kind of hard to say because we have a good 12 inches to 6 inches of snow on the ground in southeastern South Dakota, and a lot of it is melting from top to bottom. Well, what’s it doing? It is more or less running off itself into the streets, hopefully into the rivers and some of the stock dams and lakes, which of course, is a good thing considering we went into this winter in a drought,” Mundt said.

Every ten inches of snow equals about an inch of rain. The city of Sioux Falls spent the past few weeks hauling snow to clear streets. The Street Operations Manager says it is nice to see mother nature doing her part. Hansen says they’ve had a few reports of ponding on city streets. Low lying sections covered by water might indicate a block storm drain.

“If you know where your storm drain is if you can dig it out, please do that. If there is too much snow in here, you can request a ticket and have us come out a move the snow away from those inlets,” said Hansen.

While the blue sky, sunshine and melting are sure signs of spring, don’t be fooled. There is still plenty of winter left.

“Let’s melt it now before we replenish it,” said Mundt.

The long-range forecast calls for colder temperatures and more chances of snow.