SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Hannah Pickner of Sioux Falls hadn’t really been feeling that pinch of a mosquito when KELOLAND News caught up with her last week at Rotary Park on the east side of the city.

“No, I see some here and there,” Pickner said. “But nothing, like, out of the ordinary.”

Denise Patton, who leads mosquito control efforts for the City of Sioux Falls, says warmer temperatures sticking around create better conditions for the pests.

“As soon as that water gets to 55 degrees or higher, we can support an entire life cycle of mosquito,” Patton said Thursday. 

Patton points out that not all mosquitoes are going to bite people.

“Certain species are just there. They feed on sap, and they’re not a problem whatsoever,” Patton said. “So as far as annoying, nuisance sorts of mosquitoes, it’s still pretty minimal.” 

She says the city might spray for mosquitoes in the coming days.

“Everything in the mosquito control world is so weather-dependent. So if we have a lot of water, we’re going to see our heavy-biting mosquitoes,” Patton said. “They like flood conditions and a lot of water. Our species that spread disease really well actually prefer drought weather. So we always tell people, don’t get complacent and not wear bug spray.”

You can receive text alerts about Sioux Falls mosquito spraying by sending the word “spray” in a text message to 888-777.