SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Police are looking for a man who stole a tip jar from a popular Sioux Falls ice cream store yesterday. It happened at the B&G Milkyway on 41st Street.

The suspect rolled up to the drive-up window on a blue moped. In the security video, shared with KELOLAND News, you can watch as he asks the teenage worker for a glass of water, he pretends to be getting money out of his pocket, and as soon as she turns around he grabs the tip jar, and drives away.

The young workers were shocked, and the owner…

“I’m mad, I’m mad, if it was up to me I’d press charges and he would spend 20 years in jail,” said Owner Bruce Bettmeng. “It’s just a sad state of affairs, when someone’s got to steal, some teenager is trying to make a living saving up money for college, car insurance, cell phone.”

Bettmeng says his daughter posted this security video on social media and they believe they know who the man is.

“We put it on Facebook, a video of it and we offered a hundred-dollar reward and within a couple of minutes we had customers calling in saying we know him, he used to work for me, all kinds of things,” said Bettmeng.

Daughter Alex says she feels protective of the teenagers who work at Milky way, for many it is their first job.

“This is the third or fourth time something like this has happened this year at a Milkyway and we are just getting sick of it,” said Alex Bettmeng.

Depending on how much money was in the tip jar, according to police, the suspect will likely face petty theft charges.

The punishment for this type of class 2 misdemeanor includes up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. The judge could also order restitution.

You might notice the last part of the message on the back of the suspect’s shirt says “act in love” — that is certainly not what the Bettmengs and their workers are feeling.

“Someone takes a tip jar– what kind of person does that?” said Bettmeng.

The case is now in the hands of the Sioux Falls Police Department.