SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — When it comes to the fight against COVID-19 there are a few treatments that are helping patients beat it.

One treatment at Sanford Health, that’s showing signs of success, is called the monoclonal antibody and a Sioux Falls couple is glad they got it.

“The only symptoms I had were a sore throat and I was coughing,” Jan Thury said.

Last month, Jan Thury just assumed she had a cold, but she later found out when she got tested, she had COVID-19.

To protect herself and lessen her symptoms, she decided to get the monoclonal antibody infusion.

“I just wanted another layer of protection, there was no doubt in my mind I wouldn’t do it,” Jan said.

Her husband Larry, also got the antibody infusion done, even though he never had COVID-19.

“Because I’ve had pneumonia in the past and I’ve seen everything that’s been written about COVID-19 that it goes right to your lungs and when you have pneumonia it’s real difficult to breathe so I thought I’m going to take all the precautions so I don’t have an issue with getting covid,” Larry said.

Medical professionals at Sanford Health say it’s a simple process and only for outpatient care.

“It’s the only outpatient treatment that is proven to work for decreasing hospitalizations and mortality,” Medical Informatics Officer Roxana Lupu of Sanford Health said.

Sanford Health started the infusion processes last year, but have been ramping them up again with more infections.

So far, they’ve done more than 4,300, with 80 in just the last week.

“For our patients who received infusions there was a 4.2% hospitalization rate compared to 10-15% with patients who did not receive the treatment, so definitely making a difference there,” Lupu said.

“I would do it I don’t want to get the virus and be really sick with it I would advise people to go ahead with the infusion but that’s their choice,” Jan said.

“Do it, if you think you need to do it, do it,” Larry said.

The Thury’s say the only side effect they felt is that they were a little tired the next day.