SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Forty-five years ago on Halloween night, a local band got together for the very first time.

Scary? Yes perhaps, but the group’s been going strong every since and will now be celebrating the band’s birthday this weekend with a special concert.

“The average life expectancy of a band is about three years,” drummer Bill Hoffman said.

So the fact that Mogen’s Heroes has been together for 45 years is pretty amazing.

John Mogen is the founder.

“I was teaching in Lennox and got hired to put together a band in Chancellor on Halloween of 1978. Picked up a couple of musicians that I knew and we played at this Halloween party,” Mogen said.

Over the years, there have been a few different musicians who have come and gone, but one thing has remained the same, the fun.

“Our little motto has always been having fun, making music, and it’s about that,” Mogen said.

Dennis Gale has been playing with the band for 25 years. He says while they have a play list, sometimes they just wing it.

“We’ve learned some songs that a three piece band shouldn’t have any business doing,” Gale said.

“People will come up to us and say ‘hey do you know this weird song’ and we don’t even know it; like some guy will know part of it and another guy will know another part and then all of a sudden we’re doing the song, it’s crazy,” Hoffman said.

While they’ll be celebrating 45 years, they’ll also be raising money for the Salvation Army, a non-profit near and dear to Mogen.

“I’ve been a board member for almost 17 years and God really works wonderful things through Salvation Army helping families people in need with rent, food, heat. We’re doing this for nothing,” Mogen said.

But they promise to put on a memorable show.

“Cause all of us musicians are goofballs and it’s amazing that John has been able to herd cats for this long,” Hoffman said.

The band will play from 6 to 9 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 4, at the Holiday Inn City Centre in Sioux Falls.