ST. PAUL, M.N. (KELO) — Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is expected to sign a bill into law to make school meals free for all students.

In order to qualify, all schools would need to enroll in the Federal Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Program.

The state would pick up the tab to cover everyone else who doesn’t meet those requirements, which is expected to cost $388 million dollars in the next two years.
This way all kids can get breakfast and lunch — supporters say it ensures no kid falls through the cracks.

“Besides the healthy meals and giving money back to families. Feeding kids at school is the right thing to do. Being hungry makes learning almost impossible. There is no worksheet, or assignment, test, or project that will matter to a student who hasn’t had anything to eat,” said Sen. Heather Gustafson (D).
The bill already passed the House, but the Senate needs to send it back because of some minor changes.

Governor Walz is expected to sign it — it could be in place in time for summer school this July.