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Mitchell Man Arrested After Firing Gun Three Times

MITCHELL, S.D. - A Mitchell man is accused of firing his gun at a truck three times early Wednesday morning. 

The Mitchell Department of Public Safety said Bernard Drapeau, 36, fired three rounds of a .40 caliber handgun at a silver-colored pickup. Drapeau was with 27-year-old Malissa Garmong, a Mitchell resident, when the truck, driven by an unknown third person, struck Garmong's vehicle, which was nearby Drapeau's vehicle. Drapeau then fired his weapon once at the truck before driving away from the parking lot and firing two more rounds at the truck.  

No one was hurt in the incident. 

Officers found a scale with methamphetamine residue on Drapeau. A plastic bag of 2.8 ounces of meth was found on the ground by Garmong and three bags of five grams or less of meth were found on Garmong. Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and Alprazolam pills were also found on Garmong. 

Both Drapeau and Garmong were arrested. An investigation is ongoing. 

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