SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls business is going to new heights to raise money for a local cause.

The Ferris wheel goes round and round for a cause during the Miracle Wheel Fundraiser at Scheels in Sioux Falls.

“Anybody who purchases a Ferris wheel ride from December 1st through the 20th or just wishes to make a donation at any register, all of that will be given back to Sanford Children’s Hospital,” Scheels Social Media Manager Jenna Schlapkohl said.

A single token costs $1, but you can donate any amount.

“This year we left it totally open, so whatever people feel like giving we’ll appreciate that,” Schlapkohl said.

A year ago, Scheels collected and donated more than $5,500 to the Sanford Children’s Hospital, and is off to a solid start this December.

“We’re only six or seven days in at this point and we’ve had 700 donations totaling up to like $1,700,” Schlapkohl said.

“The Miracle Wheel Fundraiser is definitely a favorite because who doesn’t love a Ferris wheel ride and then it’s also helping support local kids at Sanford Children’s Hospital,” Sanford Health Foundation Senior Development Officer Bethany Olson said.

Bethany Olson is with the Sanford Health Foundation and says the dollars help purchase everything from life-saving equipment to covering the basics for patients and their families.

“Sometimes it’s things like our Child Life program and spiritual care and then for families that are from out of town we also reimburse them for mileage and hotel stays and give them meal vouchers to go get a meal at the cafeteria at no cost to them,” Olson said.

Scheels is also donating 50 plush puppies to the children’s hospital for every $1,000 raised.

“We have cute little Golden Retriever plush puppies, so for every $1,000 raised we’ll turn those puppies over to Sanford and they leave those on the beds for the kids when they arrive or just as a fun little pick-me-up during their stay,” Schlapkohl said.

Providing a boost when it’s needed most.

The plush puppies will be delivered to Sanford Children’s Hospital the week before Christmas.

Scheels is hoping to raise at least $6,000 during this year’s Miracle Wheel Fundraiser.