Miracle Treat Day has new meaning for one KELOLAND family

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For 13 years, participating Dairy Queen’s have been donating a dollar for every blizzard sold on Miracle Treat Day.

For one KELOLAND family, Miracle Treat Day has a whole new meaning.

Rudy and Jack Larson are curious one year olds who love tractors and swinging with their siblings. But life didn’t start out as such a breeze.
Not only did these twins share a placenta, Rudy unwillingly gave his parents something else to worry about too.

“We found out that one of the babies had a condition called Duodenal Atresia that would require surgery after birth,” mom Julie Larson said.

Duodenal artesia is a blockage in the duodenum, meaning no food can leave the stomach.

“So from there on, I had ultrasounds every two weeks just monitoring the progress of that, and another part of having Duodenal atresia is that I retained a lot of amniotic fluid during my pregnancy, so that’s another reason they were born early,” Julie Larson.

The boys were born at 34 weeks. Jack spent 28 days in the NICU — Rudy spent 45. Their mom was there for it all, and so was Children’s Miracle Network. Food vouchers were one of the many things the organization helped the family with.

“Just having that, those vouchers to go grab a bite to eat, take a break, take a load off, after spending the entire day in the NICU was pretty awesome and we’re definitely grateful,” Larson said.

The boys spent time in the NICU for feeding and breathing concerns.
Now, the family can take a sigh of relief and continue to play.

Their oldest sister is delighted the twins are doing better too.

“Thank you kids miracle for helping our family,” 4-year-old Quinn Larson said.

From where they started, to where they are now, the family of six couldn’t be happier.

“They’re doing better than I ever expected they would at this time. They’re funny they have really silly little personalities, they love food, they’re starting to interact with each other which is a really fun thing to see when I think back of where they started it’s just awesome seeing where they’re at now,” Julie Larson said.

And Quinn has one more message she wants to share: “Thank you Sanford for making my babies all better.”

Jack and Rudy go back to the castle in December for physical therapy follow ups. And according to mom, both are in the clear and doing really great.

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