SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Administrators with the Minnehaha County Jail are reviewing security procedures in the aftermath of an attack upon a female correctional officer by an inmate who’s charged with murder. The attack happened late Sunday night inside of a janitorial closet.

According to court papers, inmate Amir Beaudion volunteered to clean the day room of his cell block when he allegedly attacked the correctional officer, inside the closet. Now the jail is considering whether inmates like Beaudion should have those volunteer privileges in the future.

It’s routine for inmates to volunteer to clean the day rooms inside of the Minnehaha County Jail after lockdown. But what happened when Amir Beaudion was on cleaning duty was anything but routine.

“Inmate Beaudion needed something from a mop closet, which prompted the officer to open the mop closet and go inside and then inmate Beaudion went in there with her,” Minnehaha County Jail Warden Mike Mattson said.

That’s when authorities say Beaudion began punching the officer inside the closet, with the door closed, out of view of everyone. The officer responded by fighting back and screaming so other correctional officers could hear her and get to the scene.

“The officer did a spectacular job of being in a very serious situation,” Mattson said.

Mattson says because the attack happened in the new addition to the jail, that may have actually cut down on the response time, since officers are now required to have keys to the posts they’re assigned to.

“In this instance, with the officers each carrying their own set of keys for that area, that contributed to a quicker response in opening the mop closet and getting her and him out,” Mattson said.

Mattson is considering jail policy changes including restricting certain inmates from volunteer duties after lockdown. Mattson says changes to training and additional equipment are also being considered. But he credits the rapid response by the jail staff for bringing a quick end to the attack.

“In instances like this, you never want to hear about these. The sad thing is, in our business, these things, they do happen,” Mattson said.

The correctional officer was checked-out at the hospital and is already back on the job. Meanwhile, Beaudion is now under disciplinary lock-up for 23 hours a day, separated from other inmates.

He’s been awaiting trial for the 2020 kidnapping and murder of Pasqalina Badi out of Lincoln County.

He’s facing a new charge of aggravated assault on law enforcement in connection with the jail attack.