SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Minnehaha County Deputy Sheriff is being hailed as a hero tonight because he saved a man’s life.

But as you’re about to find out, it’s not the first time he’s done that.

“So let’s hear it for all of our hometown heroes especially this one,” rodeo announcer said.

Last night at the Cinch Playoffs Rodeo, Minnehaha County Deputy Damian Kardas, in his street clothes, was recognized for his heroics.

Two months ago, Deputy Kardas was on patrol in Hartford. It was just like any other day, but this one was about to get scary.

He got the call someone was having a heart attack in rural Hartford.

“As they were dispatching it out to me; unconscious male, not breathing, not alert, so I knew something bad was going on, so I started hightailing it all the way up there,” Kardas said.

When he arrived on scene he quickly grabbed his AED and shocked the man several times, but he also did three rounds of CPR.

Time wasn’t on his side.

“I think we were in that 20 to 25 minute mark, it wasn’t looking good,” Kardas said.

Other medical personnel also arrived to help.

Deputy Kardas says it was a situation where there was no time to think, he just had to trust his training.

“You’re scared, but you know you have a job to do,” Kardas said.

It’s a job he’s done before.

Deputy Kardas was given the life saving award for similar heroics.

“So last year Damian saved a life of a suicidal subject in very much the same way using his medical equipment and his training he was able to revive an individual who also made a recovery as well,” Captain Adam Zishka said.

For that, Deputy Kardas was awarded ‘Deputy of the Year.’

“Damian has been, amongst the patrol division, he’s been a standout for sure, he definitely exemplifies everything that we want deputies doing and that deputies are doing on a daily basis,” Zishka said.

And just like before, Deputy Kardas’ training kicked in again this time and saved another man’s life.

“When I heard they got a pulse back I was just blown out of the water,” Kardas said.

The survivor didn’t want to do an interview for this story, but Deputy Kardas says he met him last night at the rodeo and said he was grateful and is doing great.