SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – The end of the school year is almost here. For students in Miller, South Dakota, this means their days of going to class in churches is almost done. Three months ago a fire forced students from the high school and they haven’t been back in the building since.

It wasn’t too long ago students in Miller were adjusting to going to classes in churches after an explosion and fire closed the school building.

“The kids and the teachers have just done an amazing job. However, you know, they’re packed in like sardines,” Charlene Crosswait, Miller Superintendent, said. “They’re in small classrooms and it’s been a long few months for them.”

The school won’t be sitting empty for very much longer, though.

“On the 18th is our last day of school,” Crosswait said. “We’re going to pack up things from the churches and we’re going to bring it back to the school and store it. Then when they have the school ready, we will be ready to get back in the building.”

Crosswait says repairs to the building should be done by August 1st, meaning students will be back in the classrooms come Fall. She says when they do, it’ll look like a brand new school.

“The only thing we won’t have ready is the ag shop. And they don’t suspect that will be ready for another year,” Crosswait said.

The ag shop is where the February explosion originated after a waste oil barrel sparked a fire. Crosswait thanks everyone who has helped them get from this scene to where they are today.

“It’s very heartwarming when we see all the things that people have done for us. And it’s not just from Miller, it’s our surrounding area. We are so blessed,” Crosswait said.

She hopes soon February 2nd, 2022, is just another day in everyone’s distant memory.

“We made it,” Crosswait said. “We’ve made it through the year. No one was hurt, we’ve made it through successfully and next year is going to be great.”

Crosswait says they have been getting back into the school little by little. Prom was held in the school’s armory and that’s where seniors will have their graduation.