SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The initial court appearance for a Sioux Falls therapist accused of having a relationship with one of his patients has been delayed. Roy Conrad is scheduled to appear one week from today, on August 28th.

Conrad isn’t the only high-profile case of someone in a position of trust in trouble with the law. On August 14th, Joel Martens, a Hartford chiropractor, was officially charged with rape. He’s accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl he was treating.

The arrests of Martens and Conrad, two people in positions of trust, have experts in the health and mental health worlds concerned. The Compass Center provides counseling and support for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. The Executive director says cases like these are heartbreaking.

“It’s already hard enough for victims to report, it’s already hard enough for them to tell somebody about what has happened this just adds another layer of now can I trust this person that I’m telling,” said Michelle Trent the Executive Director The Compass Center.

Brianna Halse is a registered play therapist in Sioux Falls who works primarily with children. She says trust is the basis of all therapy and counseling.

“So when you think about the therapeutic relationship, it is a very vulnerable one. That’s the reason why we have the rules in place that we do, specifically the confidentiality pieces, because we know that people are bringing in some of their most vulnerable pieces of them,” said Halse.

She says she wants people to know The Compass Center and other places can be a safe space for people to tell their stories. The counselors are concerned the alleged abuse of trust may prevent people who need help from seeking it.

“There are ethical boundaries in place for a reason and that there are therapists and providers that can be trusted and we would love to help rebuild that trust,” said Trent.

Many in the therapy industry tell us Conrad’s arrest is doubly disappointing because, in his capacity as a professor, he taught many of the counselors working in KELOLAND today.

In 2022 the South Dakota Board of Examiners for the State Counseling Association took disciplinary action against three therapists.

One gave up her license voluntarily and the other two were suspended. As of today, Conrad still has his license.