SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The odds of winning are small, but that isn’t stopping people from dreaming.
There’s been a run on Mega Millions lottery tickets.

“Ten of the lottery tickets,” said customer Hayley Johnson.

Hayley Johnson is buying Mega Millions tickets today because the jackpot just hit her lucky number.

“My lucky number 8. On my 18th birthday, I actually got a scratch-off and I won 50 dollars on my 18th birthday when I could first get a lottery ticket. So that’s my lucky number,” said Mega Millions player Hayley Johnson. “If there’s an eight in there, I’m definitely going to get some more lottery tickets.”

Johnson says if she won, she’d spend part of the jackpot on her parents.

“Life-changing money, that would, for me and my family, that would help out greatly. I wouldn’t have to work again, but I still would work though,” said Johnson.

And maybe a little something for herself.

“A car that I’ve always wanted, a 2005 Lotus,” said Johnson.

“I’d probably get a new house, maybe pay off some loans, pay off my student loans,” said Shop N Cart Manager Jenniffer Van Otterloo.

Shop N Cart manager Jennifer Van Otterloo is planning to buy a ticket tonight before she goes home.

“810, ya, I’ll buy a ticket for that,” said Van Otterloo.

But the $810 million jackpot is already old news. By ten o’clock this morning the estimated jackpot was up to $830 million.

“There’s the Mega for you,” said Lewis customer service clerk Fay Justice.

“We’ve been selling a bunch, what, 300, 500 a day,” said Justice.

Megan Brown bought five tickets. If she wins, Brown says she’d keep working for Sanford, but travel more and help her parents.

“A new house, new car, travel. We like to take trips a lot. Yes, we would do a lot,” said Mega Millions player Megan Brown.

Both Brown and Johnson know they have a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the jackpot.

“Low, I bet but you know it’s worth a shot. It’s 810 million you know, I’m gonna go for the shot,” said Johnson.

“Oh, not great, we can only hope,” said Brown.

The odds of a lightning strike are one in 9 million. The odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot is one in 303 million.