RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — One neighborhood in North Rapid City has seen a significant amount of violent crime over the last couple years, most recently in the last month.

Guns, death, officer-involved shootings, the neighborhood near Surfwood Drive and North Maple Avenue has seen more violent crime than many other parts of the city.

“The citizens of this community are alarmed when they have to continually read about the slaughter going on up at this apartment complex,” Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender said.

In an effort to reduce crime in the neighborhood, the Rapid City Police Department has added a police substation, along with outreach programs, and extra patrols in that area.

However, crimes keep happening.

“In the last week, we had a parole absconder pull a gun on a police officer and try to murder him causing an officer to have to defend his life. And we have a young man in his 20s deceased from gun violence,” Chief Don Hedrick, Rapid City Police Dept., said.

Mayor Allender says the City of Rapid City is trying to find different ways to attack this issue of violent crime in that specific neighborhood.

“We have tried, in my opinion, all of the normal and necessary available things to try and intervene in that situation. So now it’s time for us to switch to less conventional and a little more radical approach to it. We are having meetings on it. We had a meeting yesterday, we have another one tomorrow and we are really going to discuss what we can do,” Mayor Allender said.

With two major incidents since the beginning of 2023, Mayor Allender says something needs to change.

“We are in a tough predicament,” Mayor Allender said.

In the last year, the neighborhood near Surfwood Drive and North Maple Avenue has seen 3 deaths from gun violence.