SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Mother Nature may disagree, but the fall high school sports season is officially underway in South Dakota.

It’s the first day of camp at O’Gorman, where the marching band will spend the next two weeks installing its show for the 2022 season.

“We’re out here long hours, we’re moving all the time, it’s a very athletic activity,” O’Gorman Director of Bands Ben Koch said.

A long day gets even longer under the sun with temperatures climbing into the 90s, and beyond.

“They’re here willing to work, they’re ready to work, but it’s our job as staff to make sure they have enough breaks, that they get enough water,” Koch said.

Ben Koch is the Director of Bands at O’Gorman.

“20-, 25-minute focused block and then a nice break for hydration. We can get a lot done in a short chunk, and then of course if it gets really hot then we just move it indoors,” Koch said.

“We typically have water breaks every 15 minutes out at practice when it’s this hot and then encourage trying to practice in the morning or late at night, if possible,” O’Gorman Athletic Trainer Sarah Eichacker said.

Sarah Eichacker is an O’Gorman athletic trainer, keeping a watchful eye over all activities, especially in the heat.

“If you know them well, you can just kind of tell when they start to look a little more sluggish, maybe they’re not paying attention as well, they’re bending over,” Eichacker said.

When Eichacker spots a student struggling, she’s quick to put them onto the road to recovery.

“If it’s really bad, get them inside, get them some ice, otherwise try to take them to some shade outside if you don’t have anywhere inside, get them lots of fluids, lots of water and ice packs to help cool them down,” Eichacker said.

“Just like any other athletic activity, there’s a heat acclamation period, but just like the athletics we build it gradually and again, it’s all about safety,” Koch said.

Koch says temperatures soar even higher when working on the turf field. O’Gorman will open the 2022 season on Saturday, August 20th with a competition at Roosevelt.