STANTON, KY (KELO) — A South Dakota man believed to be on the run from sexual assault allegations faces new charges following an incident in Kentucky.

Stanton Police were called to a store Tuesday morning about a man who fired a gun during a robbery. When officers arrived on scene, they found Craig Worm, 50, inside a vehicle with a handgun.

Authorities were able to get him to leave the vehicle following an hour of negotiations.

Kentucky police discovered Worm left South Dakota after allegations arose of a sexual assault of a minor. In a Facebook post detailing the Tuesday crime, Stanton Police say they believe Worm intentionally committed a robbery in order to trigger a law enforcement response as an attempt of suicide by cop.

“I’m proud of all my officers that responded to this incident. They were patient and showed great poise while dealing with an armed and dangerous suspect. We are pleased that we were able to resolve the incident without anyone getting hurt,” Chief Arthur Lacy said.

Worm is being held on the following charges:
Robbery 1st Degree
Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree – 6 counts

Three charges of sexual contact with a child under 16 were filed against Worm in Minnehaha County on Tuesday. According to court documents, the investigation into him started on Sunday when the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office was notified about an alleged sexual assault against a child the day before.

Witnesses described how Worm touched the child repeatedly. When the child tried to get away, Worm allegedly told the child to sit back down.

When confronted with the allegations, Worm said he had to go away so he would not hurt anyone. He left after packing a suitcase, clothes, cash and grabbing a handgun.

The charges cover alleged sexual contact with a child in August and October of this year along with the recent incident.