SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It may be bitterly cold outside tonight, but things are really heating up at Husets Speedway.

Crews have been busy this week getting ready to host snowmobile racers from all over the world for the Octane Ink SnoCross Nationals. But believe it or not, they need more snow.

The world class event was held at the WH Lyon Fairgrounds last year where hundreds of racers from around the world competed.

This year it’ll be at Husets, but the track is far from ready.

“The temps we always look for 0-15 degrees,” Derek Vitiello said.

When it’s this cold it’s perfect for making snow and that’s exactly what they’re doing, using a snow gun and a lot of water.

“I’m doing 120 gallons a minute right now,” Vitiello said.

You’d think with all the snow we’ve had lately, there’d be no reason to make more.

But to host an international race of this size, there has to be a lot.

In fact, they have even trucked in snow from the parking lots here.

“There’s about 500 truck loads in there right now, we are just kind of filling in on top of it, this handmade snow helps us fill in the track a little better,” Vitiello

Husets General Manager, Doug Johnson, says once the track is ready fans won’t be disappointed.

“It’ll be exciting for the fans, first time ever here at Husets Speedway so we’re excited about that. I think we have a great facility to host this type of event and really looking forward to it,” Johnson said.

And looking forward to high flying head to head competition which Husets fans are used to seeing.

“It’s kind of like the World of Outlaws of snowmobile racing so it’s the best of the best,” Johnson said.

Octane Ink SnoCross Nationals will be held March 3rd. For more details and ticket information, see