SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Snow cleanup is still in full force about a week after a winter storm dumped more than a foot of snow in Sioux Falls.

The City’s street crews are picking up snow in Sioux Falls now, so there’s room for more in the future.

On Wednesday, lead equipment operator, Matt DeSchepper, was working behind the wheel of a huge snow blower.

“If we don’t clear the streets like we are now and the next storm comes and dumps nine inches on us we’ll absolutely have no room. Everything will be down to one lane,” Lead equipment operator Matt DeSchepper said.

The City’s street manager expects crews to keep picking up snow for at least two weeks.

“We’re still working on our emergency routes. We’re going to some secondary routes after that. We still have to evaluate some of the residential streets and how we’re going to tackle those,” Sioux Falls street manager Dustin Hansen said.

Hansen says crews are approaching 7,000 truckloads of snow that have been dumped at the City’s sites since last week’s storm.

“I think we kind of underestimated the amount of snow that was out there because of kind of what we were thinking, but I think it’s going fairly well. The teams are doing really well,” Hansen said.

While snow pickup can slow down traffic, drivers are asked to be patient as cleanup presses on.

“I get everybody’s in a hurry and everyone wants to get somewhere, but you’ve got to give us room to get stuff done. It’s inconveniencing everybody, so we’ve just got to work together and we’ll get through it,” DeSchepper said.

Hansen says the crews are also picking up snow near schools.

Staff will work around the clock through Friday, take the weekend off, and be back at it Monday night.