BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) — Starting Tuesday, you’ll be able to learn how to be a better cook, thanks to the experts in Brookings.

Last year, the Brookings Arts Council started the “Tune in Tuesday Program” where they hosted poets, authors and artists to speak to audiences via Zoom. This year’s program features local chefs, who will give cooking tutorials and recipes to viewers virtually.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to cook food like you find in your favorite restaurants, now is your chance. The best part is, you won’t even have to leave your home.

“You know right now a lot of people are staying home and just looking for some enrichment and quality of life and good food. And it gets tiring for two years to cook you know the same meals. I hear a lot of people say they didn’t realize adult life would involve so much. Like ‘oh my gosh what’s for dinner tonight?’ So I think it’s just always great to have new go tos and interesting things to try. Make eating at home a little more adventurous,” said Michael Johnson, head chef and general manager of the Pheasant Restaurant & Lounge.

A local chef will go live from this kitchen once a month for the next four months.

“Our cooking demonstrations are going to be a little over an hour, hour and a half and we are letting the chefs determine what they would like to do, whether it’s traditional Norwegian cuisine or local dishes that they love to cook for this. We also have some home bakers that are also joining us, cooking some of their specialties as well,” said Ashley Ragsdale, Director of the Brookings Arts Council.

This week, Chef Johnson will be teaching viewers how to cook Norwegian meatballs with a brown gjetost gravy and a saffron root veggie mash.

“We wanted to do something for home cooks that we thought was approachable but interesting and probably have kind of a familiar taste to it to those who grew up with some influence of Scandinavian culture in their lives,” said Johnson.

The classes are free and you can register here. The first one takes place Tuesday at 7 p.m.