SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Annual maintenance at the Midco Aquatic Center is taking longer than anticipated.

The recreation and warm water pools at Midco Aquatic Center have been closed for maintenance since August 29.

“We drain the pools, we clean them, we clean the decks, we clean all the stuff you see inside the room when you’re using the facility,” Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation Park Operations Manager Kelby Mieras said.

The pools were scheduled to reopen over the weekend, but that date has been pushed to October 1 due to a mechanical issue.

“We’re kind of working through the timeline with the contractor, making sure they’ve got the time that they need to do the repair right, so it’s something we need to do right not fast,” Mieras said.

The upgrades made this fall, specifically a new filtration system, will help limit the number of days the facility is closed for maintenance in the future.

“Some of the annual stuff that we had to do with the previous filters we don’t have to with these filters, so that takes some time off of our maintenance schedule that was required in years past,” Mieras said.

As the project nears its end, people are sharing their thoughts with Parks & Rec about the future of Sioux Falls aquatics.

“We’ve seen roughly 1,200 people go to the social pinpoint website and well over 500 responses to surveys and questions,” Park Planning and Projects Manager Mike Patten said.

“It’s wide open, it’s clean, lifeguards are super,” Sioux Falls swimmer Greg Lantgen said.

Greg Lantgen swims three or four times a week. He’s a fan of Midco Aquatic Center, but there’s always room for improvement.

“Down the road, maybe another indoor pool. This one gets pretty busy with the swim meets and stuff,” Lantgen said.

It’s early in the process, but Patten says there’s been a push for more recreation and fitness water, and swimming lessons. Parks & Rec will continue its series of public meetings this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.