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Thursday, Dairy Queen restaurants across the country and KELOLAND celebrated Miracle Treat Day, where at least $1 of each Blizzard sold goes to the Children’s Miracle Network. There is no Dairy Queen like the one in Madison, South Dakota, which sells the most Miracle Treat Day Blizzards in North America. This Miracle Treat Day, we bring you the story of a former employee’s family now helped by Children’s Miracle Network. 

Steph Cooper and her wife Lindsay’s twins Sutton and Sawyer were born three months prematurely in late April; their due date was actually Monday this week. These little girls are now CMN babies themselves. Steph Cooper used to work at the Dairy Queen in Madison. 

“It was hard work, but, it was for a great cause, and now that you’re on the receiving end of it, it’s pretty cool,” Steph Cooper said.

Sutton and Sawyer were born at Sanford in Sioux Falls. They’ve never left the hospital. Each of the twins weighed less than two pounds at birth.

“It was hard, really hard, it’s like a whole new, you’re a mom now, and you’re watching your little baby fight, but, they’re miracles, I guess,” Lindsay Cooper said.

“You feel helpless, I mean you really can’t do anything for them,” Steph Cooper said.

“They are truly miracles. For a while there, we didn’t know if they were going to make it,” Lindsay Cooper said.

But now, the girls are doing well. Their personalities are already shining.

“They’re doing great,” Lindsay Cooper said. “Sawyer has went through three surgeries, but she is the calmest baby, she will just look around at you, and not really fuss much at all, and Sutton hasn’t had any surgeries which is great, and she is the attention-getter, but it’s great, they’re a great balance.”

Children’s Miracle Network donated a special bed for the girls.

“Which was essentially like the womb for them, since they were so early, and that’s what helped them stay warm, keep them from infections, kind of everything from the outside world,” Steph Cooper said.

This Dairy Queen has seen both the giving and receiving ends of what Miracle Treat Day can mean.

“It’s emotional, Dan, honestly, because it’s a full circle for us because Stephanie worked here,” owner DeLon Mork said.

As for this new family of four, August could be one special month.

“We celebrate two years of being married in August, and hopefully we’ll have two babies at home. So we can start a little family,” Lindsay Cooper said.

Steph and Lindsay actually met at that Dairy Queen, too. Mork told KELOLAND News Thursday afternoon he was hoping to sell 35,000 Blizzards Thursday.

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