SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Hurricane Ian slammed its way onto the southwestern coast of Florida today… just shy of a Category 5 storm.

A KELOLAND mom has been closely watching the hurricane’s progression from her Madison home because her daughter is currently staying in Orlando

Hurricane Ian pummeled through Cuba yesterday and then hit the Key West. This was the scene in Naples today as the storm continues into Florida. It’s expected to hit Orlando either late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

“It is going to have major, major impacts in terms of wind, in terms of rain, in terms of flooding. So this is going to be a nasty, nasty day, two days,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said.

Shayla Rost

21-year-old Shayla Rost from Madison is currently interning for the Disney College Program in Orlando. Her mom, Amber, has been nervously watching the hurricane’s path from back here in South Dakota.

“Her and her friends, you know, prepared and they got water and food,” Amber Rost said. “And I guess the biggest thing that she’s scared about is she’s on the first floor of her building so Disney told them to kind of prepare for maybe possible flooding. So to get everything off the floor, everything off the bottom drawers of their dressers and put everything up. Then she’s staying on a higher floor with other kids that are in the college program,”

The Disney theme parks in Orlando are closed today and tomorrow. Rost is confident her daughter is safe in the hands of Disney.

“A lot of things that I’ve read is that when Orlando evacuates, a lot of Orlando evacuates to Disney. So I feel like that’s an interesting thing to think about because then obviously people that live in Orlando trust Disney and trust that they know what they’re doing,” Rost said. “So I feel like I have to have that same trust in them.”

Rost is also likening the hurricane preparations to a type of storm every South Dakotan is familiar with to give her some peace of mind.

“I kind of think of it in relation to a blizzard,” Rost said. “That we would get ready for a blizzard by stocking up on all those things and we know that it’s going to pass at some point and we kind of all come out of hibernation and, you know, go on with our lives. So I’m hoping that’s how it is for her.”

Hurricane Ian’s winds have been measured at over 150 miles per hour.