MADISON, S.D. (KELO) — A woman from the Madison area is recovering in a burn unit in St. Paul, Minnesota, after an accident four weeks ago where her clothing caught on fire. She later had part of both her legs amputated.

On May 7, 78-year-old Barb Hansen was doing yard work on her farm near Chester and burning some branches. Her son-in-law, who was helping her, left when the fire was about out, and Barb decided to rake up some of the ashes and other debris. The fire sparked up again and she tried to stomp it out.

“Her shoe caught on fire, which led to her pants being caught on fire,” Barb Hansen’s daughter Betty Rook said.

Barb Hansen called her daughter, Rook, as the situation was unfolding.

“I said, ‘What do you mean there’s a fire, mom?’ And I go, ‘The farm’s on fire or what’s on fire?’ She goes, ‘No, I’m on fire!’ I said, ‘You need to stop, drop and roll. Start rolling around on the ground, mom.’ I said, ‘We’ll get up there as soon as we can to help you,'” Rook said.

They rushed Barb Hansen to the emergency room in Madison. Doctors looked her over and she was immediately airlifted to a burn unit in St. Paul.

“Unfortunately, she had a stroke which affected the left side of her body. And after multiple surgeries, they ended up amputating both of her legs below the knees,” Rook said.

Barb Hansen is still working on gaining mobility back to her left side.

“I just thank everybody that she’s still with us, and I know she’s got a long road ahead of a recovery ahead of her,” Rook said.

All these siblings have been alongside their mom during this fight, because they know that’s what she’d do for them.

“I know that she’d be by my side if the role was reversed, and that’s what makes up a good family,” son Kim Hansen said.

They say their mom is a fighter and doesn’t let anything slow her down.

“She’s been through a lot, and no matter what she’s gone through, she’s overcome them. She’s fought back,” Rook said.

And they say she has always had a passion for working and being outside.

“In the hospital, she’s getting ready to get into a helicopter, she says, ‘Call my boss and tell her I won’t be there tomorrow.’ She’s she’s always thinking about other people and what she can do for other people,” son Skeeter Hansen.

The family says they are grateful for all the support they have seen so far.

If you’d like to help them, you can do so on this GoFundMe page.