SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A family from Lower Brule, S.D. is still glowing from their recent participation as models at New York Fashion Week.

“It felt really great to be out there and represent my community and everything,” said Lael Middletent, who attends Lower Brule High School. “And to model with my mom and dad, I always love it.”

Seneca Skunk, her fiancé Kansas Middletent and their daughter Lael all had a chance to experience this as exactly who they are.

“To represent who we truly are, not just here in South Dakota but on a national stage in this, in New York City is empowering, it’s inspiring,” Kansas said.

“We’re Native Americans, and people have all these other views of us, and I really wanted to do it just to put us in a positive light,” Skunk said.

All three are members of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, and they were part of the Global Fashion Collective at New York Fashion Week.

“Everywhere I walked, all eyes were on us,” Lael said. “And there was people taking pictures and telling us how beautiful we were.”

The South Dakota trio modeled in New York, where it’s easy to marvel at all the famous sights and landmarks. And they were part of all the glamour.

“It felt amazing, definitely empowering,” Skunk said.

You can find the family’s page on Facebook here.