SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We know how quickly the weather can change. Just yesterday the models were predicting widespread rain in North Dakota for this weekend. By now you’ve most likely heard that the rain has moved south and it’s expected in KELOLAND this weekend.

It will be a well welcome sight for those in eastern KELOLAND that have been looking for rain for much of the summer. Not only is the modeling data suggesting rain, but history is also pointing us in that direction.

I dove a little deeper into it and it brought the weather nerd out of me. In fact, dear I say, let’s throw out the model data and look to history as a guide…?

Well, last week I did a story on late July heat giving way to rain in August. As the heat broke it gave us rain in Sioux Falls in early August. Amounts ranged from an inch and three-quarters to three and a half inches in just a matter of days.

There’s also the 90 day fog theory that’s pushing for rain in KELOLAND too! With thick fog in Sioux Falls on May 8th and Watertown on May 6th, it averages out to getting rain in KELOLAND this Saturday.

But, let’s proceed with caution as we know how quickly things can change. After all, yesterday morning the thinking was a lot of it will be north of us.

Whether you believe the model data or history, the way this summer has been in eastern KELOLAND many may only believe when they see it.