SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — One local film producer is helping bring immersive theatre to a worldwide audience.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a play or performance somewhere across the world, but couldn’t afford to travel to see it, you now have another option. Immersive theatre combines live performances with virtual reality headsets, allowing actors to perform from anywhere, while audience members can enjoy the show from the comfort of their homes around the world.

Sioux Falls resident Braden Roy has always had a passion for film and video game production.
In 2020, he co-founded Ferryman Collective, a group of creators and performers from around the world bringing interactive live theatre to audiences via virtual reality headsets.

“Rather than having all of the actors up on stage and all the audience out in the crowd, the audience is directly integrated with the actors and plays a role of their own in a sense,” said Roy.

Before, this form of entertainment was only available to people in large cities, but now anyone with a Oculus Quest 2 or PCVR virtual reality headset can access it.

“Just from the comfort of your own home, particularly in these times where people you know have concerns about the pandemic,” said Roy.

In just two years, the company has grown and is now nominated for national and international awards alongside brands such as Sony and Disney. Their latest production was even selected to premiere at the Venice Film Festival

‘It’s been a whole lot of work, but very, very gratifying, especially being able to see the affect we’ve had on our audience members,” said Roy.

“It’s been crazy, its been amazing, like a rocket ship taking off,” said Deidre V Lyons, co-founder. “I mean we all knew early start start of this in 2020, October 2020 was our first show and we’ve done four shows in that period and it’s just been an amazing experience.”

“We’re really grateful to be able to express ourselves creatively and create stories that resonate on a deep level with audiences,” said Stephen Butchko, co-founder.

Bringing a new form of entertainment to anyone, anywhere.

“Oftentimes we don’t have necessarily have the same kinds of access to resources around here that you might in the LA’s or Chicago’s or whatever in the world and being able to now have those and be able to bring those sorts of entertainment to the citizens of South Dakota for the first time is extremely gratifying to me,” said Roy.

To see the immerse performance, participants will need to have a VR headset, then they can find the list of showtimes and sign up for tickets. However, for those that don’t have headsets, there will be some 2D showings via Youtube, one of which is this weekend.

You can find the link to tickets, showtimes and more information here.