BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — A group of local golfers are going to the extreme, playing 100 holes in a single day in support of Junior Achievement.

Twenty-three players are participating in the 24th Junior Achievement 100 Hole Challenge.

“The score doesn’t matter, really just completing the 100 holes is the challenge for the day,” Junior Achievement of South Dakota President Kayla Eitreim said.

“I’ve had years where we’ve played a little slower and it’s taken longer and I’ve had years where we get done early and do some bonus holes,” 100 Hole Challenge golfer Nick Bentele said.

Bentele is among the golfers who raised at least $2,500 prior to playing in the event.

“It takes volunteer hours and it takes dollars, so happy to do both,” Bentele said.

The 100 Hole Challenge will raise more than $70,000 for Junior Achievement, which helps prepare young people for success.

“This last school year, we impacted over 53,000 students with a volunteer coming into their classroom to share about their professional and personal experiences,” Eitreim said.

Students from 42 South Dakota schools learn about financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship.

“Very interactive activities that help them learn about the things that they’re maybe already learning in school but to have that outside voice come in and reemphasize this is important and this is how I use this topic in my everyday life that’s sometimes when the light bulb comes on and the students are like oh yeah this is important stuff, I need to pay attention,” Eitreim said.

The reward for raising money and volunteering? 100 holes of golf in a single day.

“The first year I thought I was going to need an ice bath or something like that, but you’re out there kind of goofing off for 10 straight hours,” Bentele said.

If you’d like to donate to Junior Achievement, click HERE