BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — Temperatures have been inconsistent this spring, leaving many local gardeners on standby.

There are more than a few signs of spring at Oakridge Nursery.

“This is our go-time, this is our busy time, probably the next three weeks or so it’s our busiest time of the entire year,” Oakridge Nursery Owner Daemon Coughlin said.

Today’s warm temperatures have local gardeners eager to dig in the dirt.

“We’re just ready for some spring weather and get some flowers in,” Sherman, South Dakota gardener Robin Berg said.

Robin Berg made the trip from Sherman, South Dakota. She’s been gardening for more than 30 years and is a fan of warm weather.

“Today really helps after have snow last week (laugh),” Berg said.

But Coughlin urges you not to let your guard down.

“We could have nice 70, 80-degree days this week, we could get frost or even snow flurries next week again, so be patient, keep an eye on the forecast, be ready to cover those things if you do decide to put them out,” Coughlin said.

If you’re lacking patience, some items are safe to plant.

“Right now you’re safe to do trees, shrubs, any of that type of stuff is good to put in the ground. Your tender annuals, perennials, vegetables, I would wait a little bit yet,” Coughlin said.

Once temperatures cooperate and you’re in your garden, Coughlin has some simple advice when it comes to tomatoes.

“Probably the right fertilizer, not too much water and make sure they get plenty of sunshine,” Coughlin said.

And by the end of the season…

“It seems like they all come on so strong at that time that you’ve got tomatoes coming out of your ears,” Berg said.

Oakridge Nursery is hosting its Spring Open House starting Friday, and will have a food truck and bounce house onsite Saturday and Sunday.