SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– A new club is bringing filmmakers together to create movies, with a twist.

On Monday, videographers, writers, editors and actors gathered for the first meeting of the One Day Film Club. Their goal is to film movies in one day, edit them over the month and present them at each club gathering.

Taylor Yocum is just one of several creators looking to meet other filmmakers while facing the challenge of filming a movie on a tight deadline.

“What I’m really hoping to gain out of this like I said, is just to meet other people and just kind of do something a little bit different than what I might normally do to work with people that have skill sets that I certainly don’t have, and to teach them maybe something as well, to try something new, to try something fun, and to just have a great time,” said Yocum.

While the club is in its early stages, they hope this becomes a club where people not only are able to be creative, but they get to leave with a finished product.

“If we do things right, each group or each person making the movie will have 11 films by the end of the year. So you know even if you are a new filmmaker, an aspiring filmmaker, you are going to get a reel out of this event,” said Sion Lidster, owner of Full Circle Book Co-op.

Bringing filmmakers of all skill levels together to do what they love.

“They get to practice their art, they get to get better and better at what they do. And as a person who enjoys film, I am looking forward to seeing the films too and I hope that it will further the film community in Sioux Falls,” said Lidster.

“As much as filmmaking can be a solo endeavor, having other people who enjoy the same interests or have the same skill set it’s great to get together, it just to have people to bounce your ideas off of and to just do those things that you might not normally get to do, it’s a wonderful experience all around,” said Yocum.

The club will meet monthly to discuss new ideas and watch the films created. You can attend any club meetings.