SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Certified Nursing Assistants have important jobs helping seniors in their day to day lives. CNA week is a way to recognize them for all the work they do for their residents and patients.

Robbie Kent has worked as a CNA and restorative therapist at Sioux Falls Center for about 14 years. But it’s a job he’s been doing for nearly 30 years.

“I come in and I usually help the residents until about 7:00, help them get dressed or whatever they need help with, and then I do the therapy,” CNA/resotorative therapist, Robbie Kent said.

While it’s a hard job, Kent says it’s also rewarding thanks to residents like Floyd Johnson.

“I work with Floyd everyday, do his therapy, I mostly do therapy now, but Floyd is a lot of fun, a lot of stories you hear from him, just good times,” Kent said.

“This place wouldn’t operate without CNA’s, they get you up in the morning, they put you to bed at night, they take you down for your meals, and take you back to your room,” resident, Floyd Johnson said.

CNA’s are with residents at all times of the day.

“We have three shifts, from our day shift, to our evening shift, and night shift, we need them all, they are all valuable,” administrator, Melissa Tordoff said.

For Kent, the relationships he’s built through the years means he’ll keep doing it until he can’t anymore.

“If you’re thinking about becoming a CNA, give it a shot, I was scared to be one, but it’s a good job, it’s awesome,” Kent said.

CNA week is from June 16th through June 22nd.