SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — From toilet paper to cleaning supplies and lumber, the pandemic has led to all kinds of shortages.

You can add beer bottles and caps to the list, too.

People have been drinking out of more cans lately at the Top Hat in downtown Sioux Falls if you ask owner Andy Lenz.

“It might come to a point where that’s all I have are cans, but it is what it is,” The Top Hat Owner Andy Lenz said.

Dakota Beverage distributes beer and other products to businesses in South Dakota.

Vice President John Tacke explains that back in the early days of the pandemic businesses across the country were shutting down or reducing capacity, and demand for bottled beer decreased.

“So the manufacturers that produce the glass bottles for the breweries had to basically shut down because there was no demand for it. As soon as all the markets started reopening, the pandemic started lifting earlier this year, restrictions started lifting over night there became a huge demand,” Dakota Beverage Vice President John Tacke said.

While Dakota Beverage does have glass bottles in its warehouse, there’s a smaller supply to work with.

“Where it’s really affected is your hospitality accounts, your on premise where the majority of their sales are glass bottles. The breweries right now are only able to supply us with about 25 percent of the glass bottles that we actually need to supply their demand,” Tacke said.

Lenz says her customers here at the Top Hat have been understanding about the bottle issue.

“I’ve been open with communication at least letting everybody know, ‘Hey, these are only going to come in can forms,'” Lenz said.

She adds that people and businesses are still dealing with the impact of the pandemic.

“It’s tough. It’s tough for everyone, and we do what we have to do,” Lenz said.

Lenz says she’s also noticed a liquor bottle shortage.