Local fast food customers could be in for a whopper of a surprise if they try to pay with bills higher than a $20. Burger King locations in Sioux Falls are no longer accepting $50 bills or $100 bills. Management is trying stay ahead of people trying to scam the business. 

Customers looking for fast food also hope for a quick exchange. Scammers are banking on that.

“Unfortunately, the $50s and $100s, most we receive are tainted,” Mike Leslie, Regional Director of Operations, said. 

That’s why Leslie says Burger King is no longer accepting cash bills higher than $20s. 

It’s an effort to keep employees from accepting fake money and gaining very real losses. 

“You not only lose the revenue from that bill, but you also lose the food you put out and paid the people, our teams, to make to produce that,” Leslie said. 

Sioux Falls Burger King locations stopped accepting the high bills on January 1. Leslie says other stores in neighboring states, including Minnesota and Iowa, have also begun doing this. Public Information Officer Sam Clemens with Sioux Falls Police says officers are seeing more of the bills with “Motion Picture only” printed on them within the last year. Clemens says real bills will have watermarks. 

“The watermark, the bill strip. Those are real easy for people to see. Hold it up to the light. It takes two seconds,” Clemens said. 

Leslie says those steps can be challenging in a fast food restaurant where time is money.

“The guests have been really good with it. The increase in use of debit cards and credit cards and paying by phone really minimizes that,” Leslie said.