SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The group opposing Amendment C announced 13 organizations against the upcoming ballot measure. 

South Dakotans for Fair Elections said opposition to Amendment C has spanned multiple industries and partisan politics. You can view the full list below, which includes all three major health organizations, the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce and the South Dakota Education Association. 

Groups that opposed Amendment C
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
American Heart Association
Avera Health
Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce
League of Women Voters
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Monument Health
Sanford Health
South Dakota Education Association
South Dakota Farmers Union
South Dakota Municipal League
South Dakota Nursing Association
South Dakota State Medical Association

The organizations against Amendment C contrast candidates seeking state office. More than 50 candidates responding to a KELOLAND Media Group survey said they support Amendment C. 

Many of the responses in favor of Amendment C say they want to make tax increases harder and believe the general public should be held to a higher standard like the 2/3rd majority needed to approve tax raises in the South Dakota Legislature. 

The Board of Directors for the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce released a statement against Amendment C on May 12.

All voters, regardless of party registration, will vote on Amendment C, which would require 60 percent of voters to approve a ballot measure that involves changing taxes or spending more than $10 million. 

Opponents, including South Dakotans for Fair Elections, say Amendment C will lead to unintended consequences for the state.

“Here’s the fine print: Amendment C would permanently change our constitution to end majority rule for ballot measures, allowing a small minority to block important decisions that most voters want,” Zach Nistler, spokesperson for South Dakotans for Fair Elections said in a news release. “It shreds the sacred “majority rules” tradition this country and our state was founded on.”