SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The record heatwave over the weekend didn’t stop people from going out to LifeLight festival in Sioux Falls.

As fast as it went up, it is now coming down, and the team at LifeLight says that this year’s festival was a success.

“The event was amazing last night. So many people came out, we got to see people’s lives changed and I’m telling you, our team, we’re tired, but, it was so worth it,” Vice President Jon Setzer said.

Now it’s time to clean up the venue, and with a team of only 16 people, they are grateful for all the volunteers that helped this weekend.

“Our goal was about 300, and this speaks so well of the community in which we live in, but I think we had even far more than what we needed,” CEO Josh Brewer said.

While most people think that the end of LifeLight is the cleanup, Brewer says that there is still much work that is to be done behind the scenes.

“As people are out here working, sweating, and putting the time in, which is so valuable, there are others of us that are working on following up with all those people that came out to the event, making sure that they get plugged into the local churches, making sure that they get connected with the local pastors,” Brewer said.

While LifeLight can’t give any definite numbers yet, they believe that at least 20,000 people were there.

Along with this weekend came high temperatures, however, the crowds did what they could to stay cool.

“Overall, I think people handled the heat really well, there was a crowd standing by that main stage that was there literally the whole entire day, we had one or two people that maybe had some heat related stuff, but we had cooling towels, tons of bottles of water that we were passing out, and then all of our vendors were selling cool drinks,” Setzer said.

Overall, Brewer said it was a great time.

“Last night far exceeded every expectation we had for this event,” Brewer said.

The festival featured 11 of the top Christian bands in the industry, and despite the heat, the venue was packed.