SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A staple of Sioux Falls summer nights has reached the halfway mark of its summer season, and Justin Heyd of Sioux Falls is a regular at Levitt at the Falls.

“We try to get to at least a show or two every week,” Heyd said.

The frequency has more than one reason behind it.

“I think just the affordability, it’s family-friendly, it’s free … it’s within the kids’ bedtime,” Heyd said. “This is also a nice chance for us to get out together and hang out.”

“I bet we’ll probably end the year somewhere around 90,000 people on the lawn,” said Nancy Halverson, executive director of Levitt at the Falls.

Halverson says 51,000 have already been here so far this season. She says this year has the most shows: 50.

“And that is where we’ll cap it, right, the goal was to get to 50, so we’re excited to be there,” Halverson said.

Furthermore, this year is on pace to be the busiest yet for Levitt at the Falls.

“Last year we had about 62,000 in 40 concerts, so we’re already exceeding our numbers from previous years,” Halverson said.

Heyd digs the variety as well.

“What we really like about the Levitt is it’s a variety of music,” Heyd said. “It’s, we’ve seen hip-hop, we’ve seen country, classical, jazz, alternative. You name it, they have it here.”

Food has a presence, too, but the music is the main course, and Halverson points out a secret ingredient.

“The thing that makes this possible, here in Sioux Falls, the secret sauce if you will, is the generosity of our community,” Halverson said. “We have had so many people step up and help us do this. We are a nonprofit that has 98% of our budget in contributed income.”

The next show at the Levitt is Saturday night; the headliner is The Wilder Blue, while Little Joe McCarthy is the opening act.